Dreaming Awake Jongeren Project #2

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Lees hier Onze eerste blogpost over dit project.

Afgelopen zaterdag was er weer een bijeenkomst voor het Dreaming Awake Jongeren project. Vandaag kon er geschilderd worden, gedanst en met geluid en muziek gewerkt worden. Dit werd gedaan samen met jazzmuzikant Gabriella Jabir. Al deze onderdelen samen is weer verder gevorderd materiaal voor het eindresultaat: onze dreamscapes. Hieronder staat in het Engels de persoonlijke ervaring van Sophia, een van de deelnemers van het project.

We proberen nog steeds ons streefbedrag te halen voor de crowdfunding, help ons!

Read here our first blogpost about this project.

Last saturday we had another meeting for the Dreaming Awake Young Peoples project. This day we could paint, dance en work with sound and music. This last workshop was done by jazzmusician Gabriella Jabir. All these parts together are going to become the endresult: our dreamscapes.

This is the personal experience of one of the participants from the project, Sophia (17 yrs old): 

At the mention of a utopia, a different image springs to mind to every individual. The contrast of these differences becomes ever more notable when the individuals in question originate from all around the globe. The peer education program at the Marres House for Contemporary Culture has brought together a group of approximately 20 youngsters, including refugees, local Dutch high schoolers as well as international students from UWC Maastricht, in order to create a compromised dreamscape explorable through the senses. This past Saturday, the students explored the sense of sound perception with the jazz musician Gabriella Jabir. After having created a soundtrack, they associated it with the choreography which was conceived the previous week with the help of professional dancer Amanda.

We are still trying to reach our financial covering, help us!

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