Sounds of Homes

Sounds of homes challenge

Every year, Marres hosts an honor’s program titled premium for Maastricht University. The program organizes MA students in interdisciplinary teams to engage in practical research. This year’s Marres team consists of master students Claire Gilliot (FR, International Law), Talisha van Beek (NL, Medicine), Lily Niemi  (US, Art, Literature and Society) and Romy Kumpfel (DE, Global Health). Marres challenged them to craft a vocabulary for sensory experiences. Due to the corona quarantine, they redirected their research to sensory experiences at home. The call underneath follows from this new exploration.

Call for domestic sounds

We can all envision the ringing or our alarm, the squeaking of the steps, or the percolating of coffee. But did you ever listen to other sounds, of kitchen utensils, bathroom equipment, or moving furniture? We want you to record your favorite sound for us. Here are steps that can help you do so:

  1. When you are cooking, walking around, doing something, listen closely to the sounds you make with the objects you use.
  2. Select your favorite sounds and record it in a max. 30 sec video of it (mobile phone quality is fine, ask your family members or roommates to help if you need them).
  3. Send the recording directly or via wetransfer to (please add your name, age, location and occupation). 

Below you can find some examples of the explorations that our team has conducted over the past weeks while in quarantine.

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